Hello, Thanks for visiting My Virtual Angel World.   Angel Investing is a sophisticated way to create wealth.   It isn’t for the faint of heart.   It is how the wealthy get wealthier; the rich get richer.   It is how $30,000 in stock can become $180,000 or $1,800,000.   It is also how $30,000 can go out the window or down the drain.    All investments, even public stocks as we saw in 2001 with the collapse of great companies such as Enron, and real estate as we are seeing now, have the potential to lose all of an investor’s money.  Once an investor has developed a level of sophistication to look beyond the suggestions of their stock market advisor, or their financial planner, they can start to look at fundamental process of buying a stock at wholesale….before they go public…leading to the maximum return on investment.   This blog was started to provide a place for those interested in angel investing as a wealth creation strategy to come learn from other investors and to gain unique insights into the angel investing community.    Please join the community and contribute with your questions, your knowledge, and your experiences.

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