Karen Rands has been working with angel investors since 2001.  She began capturing their insights, researching and gathering information regarding angel investing to write a series of books to teach high net-worth individuals how to create wealth through private equity investing. 


She is the managing director for one of the fastest growing angel investor networks, which has been named most active angel investor group in the Southeast.  

This five book series, “Learn to Be an Angel Investor” has formerly only been available to her network and the members of NBAI (the Network of Business Angels & Investors), but is now being released to the public!


This Podcast talks about the inspiration for the ebook series, the content of the ebooks, and where to purchase those books.    

In addition, she is giving an offer for a free eBook! Visit:  http://www.LearnToBeAnAngelInvestor.com for the free ebook and excerpts.   Or get access to the final public version at www.kyrmedia.com/index.php


Check out Karen’s podcast page: www.kugarand.podOmatic.com


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