Interesting philosophical discussion about the multi-generational approach to creating wealth and then spreading that wealth around. It compares the second generation of those that came from the eBay/Paypal phenomena with the Google phenomena. It is a similar discussion we have regarding west coast angels and east coast angels. Multi-generational entrepreneurs occur when one company succeeds tremendously, and it creates entrepreneurs that want to go out and do it again, creating a second generation of success, and so on. Then there are those that make it and are done, they have enough wealth to live on and give some to charity etc. Some of those that added comments seem to resent the notion that it is good (and expected) for those who have been successful to go out and strive to repeat that success. It is important to keep in mind the real impact of second generation entrepreneurial ventures….jobs and regular wealth for working folks and greater wealth for the founders and investors who then can go spread it around some more. It is the foundation of our capitalist culture and what keeps our economy growing. One thing to also consider when reflecting on the different outcomes of these two great successes, is that there is half a decade between them. It could be very well that those companies spawned company creators rather than company investors because they had some idle time while they rode out the collapse and dabbled in the new media of web 2.0 community….and they could provide their own seed capital. Even Kiwasaki of fame is promoting building web 2.0 communities without seeking outside investment because the cost to launch is so low.
Every new company needs to have access to founder capital to get it off the ground, then seek outside investors as necessary to scale. From that perspective it takes both types…builders and investors.

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