Karen Rands interviewed exciting companies which presented at an NBAI Private Equity Forum on September 10th on this session of SPEC Talk Radio.  SPEC Talk Radio is the SE Private Equity Community Radio show that is scheduled for every Friday at Noon.   It is where the investor and entrepreneur community tune into hear great insights into how company grow and succeed and how investors participate in this exciting asset class.   This recording of the broadcast from September 12th,  is an opportunity for investors to hear first hand about some hot new, growing companies and for other entrepreneurs to learn from others that are leading the way in building successful business models.  Although not exactly like their pitch to the angels at the NBAI event, because the entrepreneurs cannot publically solicit for investment, the entrepreneurs cover the other relevant areas of information an investor would be interested in.

SPEC Talk Radio: Interviews Exciting Companies from the NBAI September Event!

To get more information about these companies go to www.launchfn.com and click on the Company Profile Tab. 

Visit www.kyrmedia.com for information for investors and entrepreneurs.

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