How will today’s challenges in the economy impact angel investing? How do you feel? Are you worried? Is Private Equity investing in early stage private companies really a viable alternative to stock market investing as an asset class?

What does Karen Rands think? Listen as she shares her opinion and insights from her recent radio show: Listen now: !

Angel Investors and Savvy Investors seeking to learn more about this intriguing asset class are making plans to attend the last two investor forums hosted by the Network of Business Angels and Investors before year end:  Oct 22nd and Dec 3rd.    If they are going to reallocate their liquid assets into an asset class that could generate 4-10 times their investment in the next few years, they need to begin the process of: Idenification, Investigation and Investment as soon as possible to take advantage of year end market movements.  The sophisticated investors we have been talking with are eager to get back into angel investing or get connected with a group they can learn more about the process by attending these scheduled event in Atlanta.    To learn more about the events and RSVP to attend, please go to or visit

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