SPEC Talk Radio will recap the successful NBAI Investor Forum and Capital Community Celebration held on 12/3 of this week. This should be of interest to entrepreneurs and investors.

SPEC Radio brings together the Southeast Private Equity Community to listen and learn the success secrets of early stage investors looking to grow their wealth and entrepreneurs looking to attract capital and grow rapidly.

Call ins expected Craig Vallarino of Pearl Networks www.pearlnetworks.com, Jerry Prine of www.rawhealthpetfood.com, Dr Data of Wordster, Tia Severino of AURRA www.aid4autism.info, Bob Lewis (www.mobilemarketing.com) of First Book America and other selected investors and contributors.

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Check out these investment websites: www.kugarandholdings.com, www.launchfn.com, www.nbai.net, www.kyrmedia.com, www.myvirtualangelworld.com, and www.dothedeal.org

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