Karen Rands interviews another SPEC Presenter entrepreneur!

Chad Pittman of CRC Homes is making an investment in communities in America! With every great crisis comes great opportunity. CRC believes that the current economic situation presents our country with an opportunity to rebuild itself on a foundation of solid financial planning. For so many the American Dream seems to be slipping away, but now is not a time to give up hope. Chad shares your successes and insights in real estate. www.crchomes.com

Listen Now!   Chad Pittman, CRC Homes SPEC 2009 Presenter

Southeast Private Equity Conference is coming April 14th and 15th. Hear from the innovative companies that will be participating, speakers, investors and other attendees. SPEC is the only event of its kind that brings together investors and early stage companies seeking angel investment or their first institutional VC (venture capital) round of investment. Get all the information about attending as an investor, entrepreneur or sponsor at www.sePrivateEquity.org

Check out these investment websites: www.kugarandholdings.com, www.launchfn.com, www.nbai.net, www.kyrmedia.com, www.myvirtualangelworld.com, www.entrepreneurblogspace.com and www.dothedeal.org

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