Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist, will talk with Paul Anthony Thomas, author of “Winning with Private Equity”, as they discuss the “9 Pitfalls of Private Equity”. Paul Thomas, a 30 year veteran of private equity and value investing, recounts several of his hard learned lessons in this easy read. Having been mentored by a 50 year veteran of the venture capital and private investing world, Mr. Thomas’ experiences cover a wide variety of topics including: Motivation, Proper Capitalization, The Right Attitude, Hedging and a Workable Exit.

Paul Anthony Thomas: www.winningwithprivateequity.us, www.farpointadvisors.com (websites), www.winningwithprivateequity.wordpress.com (blog) and @pathomas2009 (twitter)

Listen Now!   Winning With Private Equity with Paul Anthony Thomas

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