One of the co-founders of Home Depot, Ken Langone, is a great testament to how great wealth can be created through early stage venture capital investing and angel investing.   Although the riskiest of investment types, it also can have the greatest reward–both financially and personally.    As Home Depot folk lore plays it, it was as a result of Ken Langone’s personal investment and calculated risk to bring in other investments into Home Depot when they were still somewhat unproven that financially fueled their growth from their first location to the point they could attract institutional financing.

Fast forward a few decades and Ken has gone onto create tremendous wealth, primarily as a result of his continued investment in early stage companies.   He is a true Compassionate Capitalist(tm) because he invests time and money to bring innovation to market and create jobs.   As he stated in his interview on Fox News recently, he doesn’t let a tax consequence determine whether or not he is going to help an innovation get to market that could solve a problem or improve the way business is done.   If he can see the benefit, make money, so what if the government wants a piece of that, he still made money and the he is pleased the innovation got to market and the jobs were created.

Back story Press Release with Ken Langone’s bio.

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