Karen speaks with presenters and attendees of the August 12th NBAI Investor Meeting with highlights from the presenting companies. Listen in to hear from Naturali Pro (www.naturalipro.com ), Play Golf Planet  (www.playgolfplanet.com) and many others that attended the investor event and the post networking party! We’ll also get an update from an exciting company, MTI  (www.mtiretail.com), that has market breaking news about their expanded relationship with eBay

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Karen Rands, The Compassionate Capitalist interviews CEOs & Attendees from our August Angel Investor Forum!
Check out these investment websites: Karen’s twitter page: @Karen_Rands, www.kugarandholdings.com, www.launchfn.com, www.nbai.net, www.kyrmedia.com, www.myvirtualangelworld.com, www.entrepreneurblogspace.com and www.dothedeal.org

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