Karen Rands, on the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Hour will interview companies scheduled to pitch the investors at the upcoming Angel Investor Forum in Atlanta on May 18th. Investors are encouraged to attend: http://launchfn.com/id150.html Entrepreneur companies represent industries: High Tech Computer, Software as a Service, Online Gaming (hot Facebook App), Health Care Management Technology– so Tune In to hear these exciting start up and early stage entrepreneur stories, especially the one about Overwatch so make sure to tune in to their website http://overwatchsrpros.com/news to get all the latest info.

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Check out these investment websites: Karen’s twitter page: @Karen_Rands, www.kugarandholdings.com, www.launchfn.com, www.nbai.net, www.kyrmedia.com, www.myvirtualangelworld.com, www.entrepreneurblogspace.com and www.dothedeal.org

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