Karen Rands got involved in the world of angel investing in 2001.   She left corporate America to join one of her clients as their Chief Marketing Officer and to help them raise their last bit of go-to-market capital.   She didn’t anticipate the pending market collapse, and learned a couple of valuable lessons in the process:  1)  Investors invest in management as much as they do in the product or opportunity.  2) there are many, many different sources of capital that a company can use to accomplish their goal if pursued correctly, and 3)  there are many more wealthy men and women who could be angel investors, but are not simply because they do not know how to invest in private companies.   They may understand “silent partnership” or “owning a little piece of a company”, but the idea of “angel investing” is foreign to them.   Following Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrant premise, investing in businesses, owning a little bit of multiple companies was the way for a dad to be a “rich dad” or a mom to be a “rich mom” and create passive income that has potential to far out perform wage income.   Kiyosaki touches on this concept in many of his books and explores the topic here with notable rich guy – Donald Trump.

As Karen Rands got more involved in the world of angel investing, she had requests from high net-worth men and women and their money managers to recommend training so they could Learn How to be an Angel Investor.   There was plenty of training options for public stock market investing and real estate investing, but nothing for private equity investing.    In 2003, Karen launched the Learn to Be an Angel Investor ebook series.  Thousands opted in to receive the original drafts.  For a while, the books were sold as individual volumes.  Now they are combined into one set, along with 6 bonus http://learntobeanangelinvestor.com/LTBAI.html.   Want to get the highlights and other valuable articles and news flashes?   Opt in here:  http://www.howtobeanangelinvestor.com/

Karen Rands’ involvement in the world of angel investing grew with the acquisition of the Network of Business Angels & Investors (www.nbai.net) in 2005, a 12 year very successful angel investor club.   NBAI transitioned into the Innovative Investor Club, and held traditional supper club meetings with 3-5 companies pitching each month.   Under Karen’s management, they were named the most active angel group in the Southeast and ranked in the top 75 angel investor groups in the US according to INC Magazine  ( Link to Blog Post ).   The collapse of the economy in 2009-2012 took its toll.   With growth and legalization of crowd funding, and the lift on General Solicitation for larger capital raises, a new mission was formed.

Karen is on a mission to build the largest, most active angel investor network of individuals and other investor groups in the world through education of affluent investors on how to apply their sophisticated knowledge of real estate investing and stock market investing and apply it to angel investing.  Karen claimed the term “Compassionate Capitalist” as her own title, the name of her radio show and to describe the legion of men and women who will enter this new investment class with a passion for helping entrepreneurs bring innovation to the market, create jobs, and create wealth.   Angel Investors have the greatest impact on the growth of great new companies and only with more of that type of seed and early stage capital to bridge the capital divide for companies with great promise, will we continue to be strong as a nation and continue to progress in innovation to solve our world’s environmental, energy, communication, and health challenges.   The new organization is The National Network of Angel Investors and comprise of special interest groups of like minded wealthy men and women seeking to get involved with angel investing, but aren’t retired, aren’t independently wealthy, but have enough extra income to make investments that they may lose, but may also produce a return of 5X – 20X.   Learn More.

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Karen Rands

Takes More than a Piggy Bank to Fund a Business

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