Crowd Funding + Angel Investing + Private Equity + Business Ownership

What do all these terms have in common?

They represent phrases that people use to describe when an affluent, sophisticated investor allocates and spends a portion of their investment portfolio to own a small piece of equity in multiple businesses, purchased at wholesale before the company grows big enough to be acquired or to go public.

To create great wealth, generational wealth, you are limited in the ways to accomplish that goal.   The most common way to accomplish this is to start a company that grows big and goes public or is acquired.  The next best way  is to be part of the group of investors that financed that company in the early stages, and gets to see their stock grow in value and appreciate along side the founders, and liquidate to get the return of 5X, 10X even 20X on the initial investment when the founders liquidate, if not sooner.   It is very risky, but aren’t all investments that are designed to give substantial return on investment?
The National Network of Angel Investors is an informal syndicate of angel groups that have formed all over the United States from sophisticated affluent men and women that are ready to take control of their wealth creation strategy and are seeking to learn investment strategies for finding, validating, and procuring equity in private companies. They are in the top 20% of income earners in the United States.   They don’t have time to attend monthly meetings to see pitches.  They don’t have time to research and verify all the information that they need to ensure the company seeking their investment is legit. They have the discretionary funds available, the desire to create big return on their passive investment, but do not have the luxury of time. They need a trusted partner to find the best opportunities, qualify the deals, gather all the information and verify it, present it in a way that they have flexibility to review the target company information at any time of day, and has the ability to bring other accredited investors and investor groups to the table so their investment is not alone. That is the role of Kugarand Capital Holdings, LLC

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As we get to know one another and we can verify your level of sophistication and readiness to make strategic investments in private companies, we will provide access to the secure web portal for the qualified early stage deals being managed by our parent company; Kugarand Capital Holdings, LLC.   You will be given secure login access to select screened and verified private investment opportunities under the new Regulation D 506c and Regulation A for Direct Private Offerings— deals that are ready for investment.

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